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Wilko Bulte wkb at
Fri Jan 11 00:57:02 PST 2002

		 - Announcement core-secretary -

With this scrap of email I want to announce to the world my appointment 
as the new FreeBSD Project's core secretary.

So what am I going to do? First and foremost the core monthly reports
are mine. At least the drafts are, as core does the final edits before
I publish them. 

Secondly I will be the keeper of the core agenda and the tracker
of action points, which will hopefully help to ensure less balls will 
be dropped by email-flooded core members. To help me do so I have been 
handed a small whip to keep things rollin' :-)

This of course includes the procedure around source commit bits. 
Port commit bit grants should continue to be requested via portmgr at 
and not via core at (so no change of procedure here).

If people want to send me email they can do so at core-secretary at
In general it is probably better to cc: core at on such emails
as I am not always there to act on emails myself (business trips, 
vacations etc). In such cases core is informed and will take action
themselves. There is no need to explicitely copy me on email sent to
core at as I am a member of that email alias.

For those wondering how I became insane enough^W^W interested in the
job: the discussions on developers@ around the core monthly reports and
the call for volunteers to write them triggered it. I am convinced that
everybody out there has more productive things to do than fight email wars.
And that is what made me sign up for the job. Core accepted my offer.
Some reports have already been published, others are in the core editing
pipeline at the moment. So stay tuned for more.

I'm open to any constructive critiscim. 

For those interested in my background: I hold a BS/EE in computer science.
I worked as a hardware design engineer and later as a software engineer
in Unix engineering at Philips Information Systems. In later days
I was a software integration engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation.
Today I'm an enterprise storage consultant for the Compaq storage division.

I live in Arnhem, the Netherlands. My vices include good malt whiskeys,
dark Belgian beers, German Autobahns with either the Honda motorbike 
or the Audi A3 turbo :) 

FreeBSD Project core-secretary

|   / o / /_  _   		email: 	wilko at
|/|/ / / /(  (_)  Bulte		Arnhem, The Netherlands	
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