Two new mailing lists: freebsd-firewire and freebsd-binup

Jonathan M. Bresler jmb at
Mon Sep 10 14:03:52 PDT 2001

Two new mailing lists are available at freebsd-firewire
and freebsd-binup

FREEBSD-FIREWIRE                       IEEE 1394 aka iLink Technical List

This is a mailing list for discussion of the design and implementation
of a Firewire (aka IEEE 1394 aka iLink) subsystem for FreeBSD.
Relevant topics specifically include the standards, bus devices
and their protocols, adapter boards/cards/chips sets, and the
architecture and implementation of code for their proper support.

FREEBSD-BINUP          Design and development of the binary update system

This list is a resource for the binary update project. People interested
in helping, or even just providing input and feature requests are
encouraged to discuss such matters on this list. Commit mail is sent here
as well.

This is the moderated mailing list freebsd-announce.
The list contains announcements of new FreeBSD capabilities,
important events and project milestones.
See also the FreeBSD Web pages at

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