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Chris Coleman chrisc at
Tue Oct 30 01:10:14 PST 2001

Daemon News is pleased to announce a newly re-designed BSD t-shirt.  We
took our most popular t-shirt and re-drew it.

This is a pre-order.  You can view the t-shirt artwork here:

This t-shirt features Dixie Daem.  A Daem is a female daemon designed by
Susannah Coleman.  Dixie appeared on the previous version, but after we
ran out, we decided to update the design before re-ordering.  We have
more t-shirts in the works, as well as other types of clothing.  We have
been thinking about some FreeBSD specific items, but need feedback as to
what is desired.

While this is still in pre-order, you can order any size or color
combination. After we place the order, the sizes and color combinations
offered will be greately reduced.  The colors we have are white, ash, and
natural.  Ash is a kind of grey.  Natural is similar to cream or
offwhite.  Sizes range from Small to XXX-Large.

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Daemon News E-Zine
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