FreeBSD Unleashed

Chris Coleman chrisc at
Fri Oct 5 12:54:12 PDT 2001

Daemon News is pleased to announce the availability of the new book
"FreeBSD Unleashed" by Michael Urban and Brian Tiemann.  The book is
published by SAMS publishing.  

According to the publisher:

  "This comprehensive advanced reference is what FreeBSD professionals are 

  FreeBSD Unleashed offers a solid foundation for those who are seeking
  more advanced FreeBSD topic coverage.  Offers discussions on advanced
  technologies, such as clustering and file sharing with Windows, which  
  is not covered by other FreeBSD books.  Gives an introduction to
  programming and other advanced topics that will help the reader get
  started in areas that interest them, and then point them to sources for
  more information."

You can order the book here for 47.95 USD  

(Its marked as a Pre-Order, but we already have a stocking order of 50
books on their way to us.)

We have also bundled this with a copy of FreeBSD 4.4 and the FreeBSD
Toolkit, which you can find here:

Daemon News is committed to offering and supporting all BSD products,
including future releases of FreeBSD.

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