FreeBSD Training & T-Shirt

Chris Coleman chrisc at
Thu Nov 1 20:01:42 PST 2001

Daemon News is pleased to announce FreeBSD training classes, as well as
another new t-shirt.

I know you just had an announcement from me, but we have been
extremely busy over here working on ways to support BSD.  If you
haven't noticed how busy we are, check out my editorial this month.


  We already have the first training classes scheduled.  They will
  be held in Santa Clara, California, at the end of January 2002.
  Interested parties can register immediately.  You can sign up or find
  more info here:

  Class 1: Introduction to FreeBSD

  Class 2: FreeBSD System Administration

Daemon Crossing T-Shirt:

  As soon as people saw the cover of the latest issue of Daemon News
  print magazine, they began asking for this t-shirt, so we didn't waste
  any time making it available.  This shirt features the yellow Daemon
  Crossing sign on a black t-shirt.  Its a pre-order, so all sizes are
  available.  You can see the artwork and buy the shirts here:

  People have asked for a poster of the new magazine cover and we are
  working on it. (As if we weren't busy enough! :)

As always, Daemon News appreciates all the support you continue to
show us.

Chris Coleman		Editor in Chief
Daemon News E-Zine
Print Magazine
BSD Mall

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