OpenPackages Milestone 2 Release

Gregory Sutter gsutter at
Tue Jul 31 20:50:40 PDT 2001

OpenPackages "Milestone 2" Release

OpenPackages intends to create a software packaging system that will
allow third-party programs to be installed, without operating system
dependent changes, on as many platforms as are feasible.  OpenPackages
was originally based on code from the BSD ports systems, and has been
improved and extended by developers of many heritages.

The OpenPackages Project is pleased to release the Milestone 2 codebase.
This release contains a working package building system and a single
test package.

OP currently is known to build on certain instances of the following
operating systems.

 - FreeBSD
 - HP/UX 
 - Irix
 - Linux (Debian, Red Hat, Suse, Mandrake, TurboLinux, Caldera, etc.)
 - NetBSD
 - OpenBSD
 - Solaris

Detailed information on systems known to successfully complete the build
test can be found in the SUPPORT file:

The release itself, with detached signature, can be found in the
following locations:

After downloading the tarball, and verifying its integrity, extract it
and in op/tools run "sandboxtest". This should automatically install and
try to use the OpenPackages code base on your system, in a sandbox.

If you have any problems, let <op-tech at> know. Thanks to
everyone who helped!

OpenPackages Resources:

Mailing Lists:

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