4.2-RELEASE ISO image for x86 updated.

Jordan Hubbard jkh at winston.osd.bsdi.com
Wed Nov 22 10:14:58 PST 2000

Due to a last-minute problem (a build error, not a bug with KDE or
FreeBSD itself) which was discovered with the KDE packages on the
Intel architecture ISO image for 4.2-RELEASE, I've updated the image


I also took the opportunity to include the windowmaker package, which
was mistakenly left off (and referenced by one of FreeBSD's canned
Desktop profiles).

The new MD5 checksum for this image is:

MD5 (4.2-install.iso) = 7eec8a2e4bc2211fccf18b5a6fd5b55e

If you do not have any interest in installing the KDE desktop or
windowmaker and you have already grabbed the previous installation ISO
then you can safely ignore this announcement; nothing else was

Apologies to everyone who downloaded the first ISO image and had an
unsatisfactory KDE experience.  Excrement occurs.

- Jordan

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