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Warner Losh imp at
Thu Nov 9 07:03:15 PST 2000



	I am resigning as FreeBSD's Security Officer.  Over the past
several years I have enjoyed watching FreeBSD's security improve.  The
change in attitude towards security issues of FreeBSD has been
refreshing to see.  This improvement could not have happened without
the support of the FreeBSD committers.

	I will be succeeded by Kris Kennaway.  He has been my deputy
for the past ten months in charge of the ports system.  As many of you
have noticed, he has been responsible for the FreeBSD project taking
security of the entire system to the next level.  He has done an
excellent job coordinating the securing of the ports and the
dissemination of vulnerabilities to the public.  The FreeBSD project
will be in good hands with Kris at the Security helm.

	I will continue to be involved with FreeBSD and the FreeBSD
security team.  Over the years this team has grown from the Security
Officer and his deputy to include key security personnel in the
FreeBSD project who have the time and energy to help maintain
FreeBSD's security.  This team now consists of emeritus Security
Officers, key security architects of the FreeBSD project as well as
project administrative personnel.  The team has grown to 7 members who
contribute on a regular basis.

Warner Losh
FreeBSD core
Former FreeBSD Security Officer

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