Notice: FreeBSD 3.5-RELEASE updated to 3.5.1-RELEASE

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at
Fri Jul 28 01:41:13 PDT 2000

This point release for 3.5 was aimed at pretty much one problem - the
old and somewhat insecure version of kerberos shipped with 3.5.  If
you don't use kerberos, you can stick with 3.5-RELEASE and be
perfectly fine, so this release is aimed squarely at the twin purposes
of "putting the 3.x branch to bed" and allowing new 3.5.1 users who
are also kerberos users to skip right over the security issues.

CVS TAGS:  Because of the relatively minor nature of this point release,
it was done quietly and without much in the way of fanfare or even a
tag.  Tags are very expensive in CVS (they shouldn't be, but they are)
and one was deemed unworth the overhead in this case.  Anyone trying to
reproduce 3.5.1 should simply build with the RELENG_3 tag given that
changes to that branch have been extremely light since the re-roll and
will produce results identical enough as not to matter.  If you really
must put your rifle sights over that exact part of the source tree,
use -D "July 21, 2000" for your check-out.

Again, 3.5.1-RELEASE is identical to 3.5 in virtually every respect
except for kerberos being updated.  The bits at have
also been updated for both the FTP installation and ISO image bits.
When 3.5-RELEASE ships from BSDi, it will also ship with the
3.5.1-RELEASE bits.

Sorry for the point release guys but it was really nagging at me to
put RELENG_3 to bed on a better note, and the CD bits getting delayed
for other reasons gave me a chance to fix things before committing
this release to more permanent archival media.

- Jordan

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