FreeBSD Security Advisory distribution corrected

FreeBSD Security Advisories security-advisories at
Tue Aug 8 02:22:17 PDT 2000


[Re-send because the original message STILL didn't get through to all
of the intended lists]

It was brought to our attention that for the past month or two,
Security Advisory announcements were not being sent through the
freebsd-announce and freebsd-security-notifications mailing lists as
intended. This problem began when the "From" address on outgoing
Security Advisory mails was changed, but these two (closed-posting)
mailing lists were not updated with the new address. This has now been
corrected and advisories should again become available through all
four official sources:

freebsd-announce at
freebsd-security-notifications at
freebsd-security at

Advisories are also submitted to the bugtraq at mailing
list at time of publication, although this is an external mailing list
and FreeBSD has no control over its publication content.

We apologise for the inconvenience and suggest that all users consult
the list of recently-released advisories at the above website to
confirm that they have not missed any of relevance to them.

Kris Kennaway
On behalf of the FreeBSD Security Officer Team

Version: 2.6.2


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