New mailing lists: freebsd-i18n and freebsd-ppc

Jonathan M. Bresler jmb at
Sun Apr 16 17:59:26 PDT 2000

Two new mailing lists are available:  FreeBSD-i18n and FreeBSD-PPC.

FREEBSD-I18N                    FreeBSD Internationalization

This is a forum for technical discussions related to FreeBSD

FREEBSD-PPC                          Porting FreeBSD to the PowerPC

This is the technical mailing list.  It is for individuals actively
working on porting FreeBSD to the PowerPC, to bring up problems or
discuss alternative solutions.  Individuals interested in following
the technical discussion are also welcome.

The standard shortcuts (i18n and ppc) are available for sending email
to the lists.  One must subscribe and unsubscribe using the full name
of the list (freebsd-i18n and freebsd-ppc).

to subscribe to a FreeBSD mailing list, send mail to
majordomo at containing the single line        
"subscribe <listname>".  replace <listname> by the name of        
the list you want to subscribe to.
for example:
        echo "subscribe freebsd-hackers" | mail majordomo at
to unsubscribe use:
        echo "unsubscribe freebsd-hackers" | mail
majordomo at
you will be asked, via email, to confirm your subscription request via
after confirming your subscription request, you will receive
via email, that your subscription has been accepted.


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This is the moderated mailing list freebsd-announce.
The list contains announcements of new FreeBSD capabilities,
important events and project milestones.
See also the FreeBSD Web pages at

To Unsubscribe: send mail to majordomo at
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