Announce: New release of JDK1.1.8 for FreeBSD

Nate Williams nate at
Wed Sep 22 22:14:41 PDT 1999

As always it is my great pleasure to announce another release of the JDK
for FreeBSD.  We've re-released JDK1.1.8 after fixing a couple of bugs
in the previous release.

For all your FreeBSD/JDK needs, see our home page at:

Notable changes in this release include:
- Printing from the JDK should now work reliably.
- Updated to now use the assembly version of the interpreter. Performance
  should be increased slightly.
- Better handling of signals like DIVIDE and SIGFPE which are trapped and
  handled correctly now.
- The ELF version should work better with AWT/Swing applications.  The
  FreeBSD project donated a more modern copy of Motif that should avoid
  some weird X errors that occurred previously.

In particular, the performance improvements from using the assembly
version of the interpreter should be motivation enough for everyone to
update to this version.  The FreeBSD ports collection has been updated
to download the new version, so feel free to update the ports collection
and get the new port.

Thanks again go to Keith White who's amazing debugging skills and
knowledge provided all of the above fixes.

Thanks also go to the FreeBSD Project who donated a newer copy of Motif
in order to make the more recent ELF releases more stable.
In other news, the JDK2 port has been going slowly.  Because of summer
vacations and the great weather, the developers have spent time enjoying
non-computer things.  I expect that as the weather starts to cool down
we'll be spending more time in front of our computer, and the JDK2
porting effort will ramp back up.  We do have a good start on the
effort, although it not yet organized enough to provide even an early
alpha release.  When we have something more solid, we will send out
email to the freebsd-java list.

Also, there is some work in progress in doing a native threads
implementation of the JDK.  This work is *very* early, and is mostly
related to adding some new functionality to the FreeBSD kernel to
support some necessary features needed to port the JDK.  This means that
a native threaded JDK probably won't be usable on systems prior to
FreeBSD 4.0.  More information will be posted on the freebsd-java
mailing list as it becomes available.


-- The FreeBSD JDK porting team

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