FreeBSD Real Quick News Letter.

Chris Coleman chrisc at
Tue Sep 21 19:28:58 PDT 1999

		 FreeBSD Real-Quick(TM) NewsLetter.
		    Things Happening in FreeBSD.
	   	   	   September 1999

Release Information:
  FreeBSD 3.3 is available from
  FreeBSD 4.0 is now the Development Version with no release scheduled
   until early 2000.

FreeBSD in the News:
   There have been several great articles in the press lately about 
   FreeBSD. A lot of them can be found by searching
FreeBSD Advocacy:
   The site has currently been discontinued.  Most 
   of the functionality has been wrapped into

   I will be attempting to use content from to
   automatically generate the RQN in the future.

   The FreeBSD zine seems to be having trouble getting authors  I know
   there are lots of people who can write and have time.  Submitting
   articles to the FreeBSD zine is a great way to contribute, especially
   if you don't know enough about coding programs to get your stuff

Daemon News:
   Due to extreme growth in the BSD community, Daemon News is branching
   out.  Although Oct 1. 1999 is our official release date, our new News
   site is online and functioning:
   Feel free to suggest stories and make contents.
   This is not all, be sure to check us out on Oct 1 to see what we have

This is a (hopefully) monthly Newsletter, published only by E-mail.  

  If you have anything you would like to see in the next edition,
  please post it at

	-Chris Coleman <chrisc at>
  	 Daemon News Editor in Chief 
  	 Bringing BSD Together.

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