Final call for registrations: FreeBSDCon '99

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at
Fri Sep 3 16:56:16 PDT 1999

The 1999 FreeBSDCon event (October 17-23rd) is filling up fast, so
please register soon if you want to attend this event!  Due to
overwhelming demand for Kirk McKusick's BSD Internals tutorial (which
sold out several weeks ago), we have also just made arrangements for a
"repeat performance" on the 22nd and 23rd of October.  People already
on the waiting list for the October 17th and 18th sessions will have
first option for the second session (upon confirmation), any remaining
seats (50 max!)  then being assigned on a first come, first served
basis.  Those attending the full conference will also have priority
over those who wish to attend just the tutorial since we're actually
trying to keep the two events together, not have people simply bounce
in for 2 days and then take off without seeing the rest.  In any case,
if you want in on this then you're going to have to move fast and I'm
not kidding! :)

The event is being held at the Berkeley Raddisson Hotel, the new
revised schedule being as follows:

October 17, 18:		1st Kirk McKusick Internals tutorial
October 19, 20, 21:	Conference (vendor show, talks, etc).
October 22, 23:		2nd Kick McKusick Internals tutorial

For further information, please see:


- Jordan

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