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Wed Nov 17 21:12:45 PST 1999

		 FreeBSD Real-Quick(TM) NewsLetter.
		    Things Happening in FreeBSD.
    			November 1999

Release Information:
  FreeBSD 3.3 is available from
  FreeBSD 4.0 is still in the Development Version with no release 
  scheduled until early 2000.

Daemon News:
  Brett wrote a really good editorial about Y2K.  
  Find out why BSD might be vulnerable to some Y2K problems!
  Next month will be the last issue in this episode of Darby.
  Let the artist know what you thought of the cartoon, 
  how you want it to end, and if you want it to continue.
    mailto:suz at

A Request for Enhancement (RFE) has been posted on Sun's Java
Developer Connection. Sign up for a free membership on
the JDC, and vote for this particular request


Buddying up to BSD: Part Three - Regrouping
November 15, 1999

The next installment in "Buddying up to BSD" to BSD has been posted. Matt
Michie fought the urge to throw in the towel after recieving so much heat
for going out on a limb to get BSD exposure at 
I'm glad to see that he was able to see beyond that and has plans 
for reviews of both FreeBSD and NetBSD in addition to OpenBSD.

FunnelWeb for FreeBSD
November 15, 1999

Active Concepts announced Funnel Web for UNIX, a
Web site traffic analysis package available for
high-volume UNIX servers, with added proxy
analysis and a choice of commandline or graphical
interface. The package is available for Linux and

speed ranking for various business web servers
November 14, 1999

Yahoo is the fastest web service on Earth (and it
is also the only one using FreeBSD) - there is
also Dun & Bradstreet on BSD/OS, but they don't
seem as fast in the test.


iServer moves to FreeBSD
November 12, 1999

Looks like iServer has made it official, they are moving to FreeBSD for
their servers. They have high praise for FreeBSD in their announcement. One
that I thought was interesting was "Over 15% of the Internet is currently
powered by FreeBSD including such popular sites as Hotmail,, and


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