FreeBSD toolkit now shipping from Walnut Creek CDROM

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at
Sat May 1 02:44:20 PDT 1999

I'm quite pleased to announce that our first 6 CD toolkit for FreeBSD
is now available and shipping from Walnut Creek CDROM.  Since this is
a special product, it won't be sent automatically to people on
subscription plans and needs to be ordered separately. The cost for
this product is $39.95, please see:

for ordering information (note: the site still notes the release date
as "TBA" and can be ignored in that respect; I've sent an update
request in to the web maintainer).

The FreeBSD toolkit contains the latest binary "snapshot" releases of
2.2-stable, 3.1-stable and 4.0-current as of March 27th, 1999.  It
also contains a full 4.0 snapshot for the Alpha platform which is
considerably more stable (and installable) than the 3.1-RELEASE for
that architecture.

In addition to the snapshots, the latest 2.2.x packages and some 3.1
packages (all material released after 2.2.8/3.1) are included as well
as the most up-to-date distfiles for the ports collection, applying to
all brancies.  The CVS repository on the toolkit is also "live" in
fully unpacked format and can be used directly from the CD by
following the provided instructions for using read-only repositories.

Finally, the most up-to-date XFree86 (containing patches for
3DLabs cards, among other fixes) is also included, along with the
latest documentation and information.  This product is
aimed at the FreeBSD developer and power user and will be produced
fairly regularly from now on (2-3 times a year).

- Jordan

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