New JDK1.1.8 for FreeBSD

Nate Williams nate at
Tue Jul 20 16:45:10 PDT 1999

[ Sorry for the empty message I originally sent.  Emailers are unforgiving... ]

For all FreeBSD Java information, please checkout the WWW page.

A new release has been made to fix a couple bugs in the old release.
These include the older 'UDP broadcast' bug that was patched in the old
release, and a new bug that involved floating point calculations on
multi-threaded appliations.  In particular, the floating point bug is
especially insedious, and has existed in all FreeBSD JDK's since 1.1.6.

Please updates to the most recent version, especially if you're doing
*ANY* FPU work, as the old version would product bogus results in
certain cases.

- The FreeBSD Java Porting Team

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