NEW mailing list "Small & Embedded FreeBSD"

Jonathan M. Bresler jmb
Thu May 21 12:22:12 PDT 1998

Andrzej Bialecki says it well:

----- Forwarded message from Andrzej Bialecki -----


I'm pleased to announce that a new mailing list has been created: you can
join it by sending "subscribe freebsd-small" to majordomo at

This list discusses topics related to unusually small and embedded
FreeBSD installations. I hope we will share ideas on:

* booting process and devices (various filesystems, flash RAM, EEPROM
* available and recommended hardware,
* special hardware (peripherals such as probes, relays, readers, step
  motors etc, etc), and support for it,
* details of (necessarily different) setup and configuration,
* user applications (shall we say: router? :) and real-life applications,
* special setups such as PicoBSD,
* and many others.

I'm also willing to maintain WWW pages related to these topics. I know
some of you have some experience in this area, and I encourage you to
submit ideas and pointers. There are already a few things I've been
collecting for some time... Please see for

Andrzej Bialecki


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