Freely Redistributable Software at USENIX Annual Conference

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at
Mon Mar 16 07:34:58 PST 1998

Share ideas, and actual code, with developers and avid users of free
software--FreeBSD, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and more--at the

     23rd Annual USENIX Technical Conference
     Includes FREENIX, the Freely Redistributable Software Track
     June 15-19, 1998, New Orleans, Louisiana

Sponsored by USENIX, the Advanced Computing Systems Association

FREENIX is co-sponsored by The FreeBSD Project, Linux International,
The NetBSD Foundation, Inc., and The OpenBSD Project

Full program and on-line registration:

FREENIX showcases the latest developments and interesting applications in
freely redistributable software. FREENIX offers 28 talks, highly
interactive, evening sessions, and in-depth tutorials.

22 in-depth tutorials let you master complex technologies:
*Inside the Linux Kernel             *Linux Systems Administration
*System & Network Performance Tuning        *Solaris Internals
*Essential UNIX Programming       *UNIX Network Programming
*Classic Topics in System Admin     *Hot Topics in System Admin
*Internet Security for UNIX Sysadmins    *Windows NT Security
*Cryptography Applications                 *Secure Communications
*CGI and WWW Programming in Perl          *UNIX Security Tools
 *Intro to Java                                                   *Advanced Java
*Intro to Perl for Programmers       *Network Security Profiles
*Security Around the World Wide Web  *Sendmail Configuration
*Troubleshooting Firewalls          *Web & Intranet Performance

Other conference highlights include:
*Cutting-edge research via refereed papers and highly practical invited talks
*Dennis Ritchie with a perspective on the original UNIX paper
*Steve Mann discussing latest is wearable computers
*Demos of the latest products in the expanded Exhibition Hall

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