FreeBSD Really-Quick(TM) NewsLetter Volume #1 Issue #3

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Tue Jul 14 20:33:16 PDT 1998

                FreeBSD Really-Quick(TM) NewsLetter.
                    Things Happening in FreeBSD.
                        Volume #1 Issue #3
                            July 1998

General News:
  Announcing CVSup 15.4.2 (This is new since last announcement)
    Release 15.4.2 of CVSup, the CVS-aware network file distribution
    system, is now available.

Release Information:
  The latest RELEASE is 2.2.6-RELEASE.  FreeBSD 2.2.7 is 
   scheduled to be released July 21st. FreeBSD 3.0 is scheduled to be 
   released October 15th.

Microsoft Front Page Extensions:
  Microsoft Front Page won't work with out Front Page Extensions.
/980707/wired/stories/microsoft_1.html  (All one line)

  Front Page Extensions are available at:


FreeBSD Desktop Contest!  Win Fabulous Prizes!

Commercial FreeBSD Products:  
  FunnelWeb 2.0:
    SOLID Server is the true plug-and-play database server for mission
     critical applications. 

  A roadmap for setting up an intranet server with FreeBSD

  Manual de instalacion de FreeBSD

FreeBSD Sparc Porting Project:
  Online programming manuals for sun4m, sun4u processors.
  User's Manual describing UltraSPARC specific features

FreeBSD Alpha Porting Project:

FreeBSD Software RAID:
  The fourth alpha version of vinum is now available for download at

FreeBSD On-line News.

This is an (at least) monthly Newsletter, published only by E-mail.  
  If you have anything you would like to see in the next edition,
  please send e-mail to fbsd-book at

        -Chris Coleman <chrisc at>

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