FreeBSD Really-Quick(TM) NewsLetter: Volume #1 Issue #2 July 1998

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Fri Jul 3 16:06:16 PDT 1998

                FreeBSD Really-Quick(TM) NewsLetter.
                    Things Happening in FreeBSD.
                        Volume #1 Issue #2
                            July 1998

General News:
  Attention CVSup users and mirror site administrators.  If you have not
  already done so, you need to upgrade to release 15.4 of CVSup.
  CVSup is available from <>

  Download the Published FreeBSD News Letter Volume #2:

IP Bandwith:
  ipltd - IP traffic bandwidth shaping/limiting daemon.
  You can find it in

  Check your local University Bookstore, most have patron
  request/suggestion cards that allow you to suggest books they
  should carry.  Suggest Greg Lehey's latest book.
    "The Complete FreeBSD", second edition,
    published by Walnut Creek CDROM.  ISBN 1-57176-216-7

Fill out the Free-Software Survey.

FreeBSD in Hollywood
  Check out these FreeBSD/Apache run web sites:
    These are run by

  Have you seen this article on FreeBSD Security

  Experimental Authentication and Authorization
  Token Management Extensions in the FreeBSD Kernel   

FreeBSD Desktop Contest!  Win Fabulous Prizes!

Coda distributed file system version 4.6.0 now available
  Coda is an advanced experimental distributed file system with features
  such as server replication and disconnected operation for laptops

Need help asking a Question about FreeBSD? (English) (French)

This is a monthly Newsletter, published only by E-mail.  
  If you have anything you would like to see in the next edition,
  please send e-mail to fbsd-book at

        -Chris Coleman <chrisc at>

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