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Jonathan M. Bresler jmb
Fri Jan 30 10:11:24 PST 1998

	Recently, our mail hub computer suffered a hard disk failure.
	When that disk failed, some files were damaged, including
	FreeBSD mailing list subscriptions lists.

	Please check your subscriptions.

	Send mail to majordomo at with a body of "which".
	(echo "which" | mail majordomo at

	The "which" command will send the requestor a list of all
	mailing list subscriptions for that requestor's address.
	You must send the "which" command from the address that is 

	I have two email addresses, jmb at and jmb at
	I am subscribed to the lists as "jmb at".  I must
	send the "which" command email from the address "jmb at".

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