New version of JDK1.1.5 for FreeBSD

Nate Williams nate at
Fri Feb 27 14:26:04 PST 1998

The Java Development Kit for FreeBSD is now released.  For more
information check out:

Of interest:

To make a a distribution that works with X/Motif *and* without X, two
java/jre binaries are provided.  The first is linked without X, and is
the standard binary.  The second binary is linked against a static
version of Motif, and against the shared X libraries.  The version used
is controlled by the setting of the DISPLAY environment variable, which
is used by X to determine where to send the output.

Fixed in this release:
- X is no longer required to run non-AWT applications (see above).
- JDK's built on 2.2.2 should now work again.
- The AWT now correctly sets the Window name.
- Fixed obscure bug that could cause a core dump if you hit a button
  in a dialog box multiple times.
- Fixed bug where SHMEM wasn't released when using images, causing a

In addtion, a JRE and the patches used to build this release are made

- The FreeBSD Java team

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