New JDK1.1.5 for FreeBSD

Jonathan M. Bresler jmb
Wed Feb 11 14:56:58 PST 1998

A new release of the JDK for FreeBSD is released.  Details are available

New to this release:
* Process.waitFor() bug fixed
* Multicast should work now
* Non-blocking pipes blocked in 2.2.2, and now are (again)
  non-blocking.  JDB should now work on 2.2.2 again.

* The new release *requires* XFree86 to be installed, even if you don't
  plan on using the AWT.  This is due to Motif licensing restrictions,
  and will be resolved in a future JDK release.
* There is a socket bug lurking that appears to be affecting all of the
  FreeBSD releases, but only affect certain people.  It appears to be
  related to the network load, and only shows up under loaded/lossy
* There still appear to be bugs in 2.2.2 w/regards to non-blocking
  pipes/sockets, which may be related to the above bug.  We're working
  on it, but wanted to get this release out the door to developers since
  the previous version is no longer available on the ftp site due to
  hardware problems.

Any other details, check out the WWW page, which will be updated as new
releases and other important news is released.

- The FreeBSD-Java team

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