JDK1.1.6-jdk1.1.6.V98-8-14.tar.gz is released

Nate Williams nate at mt.sri.com
Mon Aug 17 10:18:55 PDT 1998

This is essentially the same as the previous JDK release, except that
ServerSocket's didn't correctly set SO_REUSEADDR, causing some programs
to fail.

Note, the Multicast bug still exists in FreeBSD, which cause multicast
programs to fail.  See the FreeBSD Java WWW page for more information:


Finally, there is still no ftp access to the JDK (yet).  Until someone
provides me with public ftp access the release will only be available
via http.

Bugs, requests, etc..  should be sent to freebsd-java at FreeBSD.org.

- The FreeBSD Java team

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