4th UK mirror site

Jonathan M. Bresler jmb
Tue Sep 23 16:26:54 PDT 1997

I'm pleased to announce our fourth UK FreeBSD ftp mirror site.

The new mirror, ftp4.uk.freebsd.org, is kindly being provided by Christiaan
Keet of Netlink Internet Services Ltd. <ftp4 at uk.freebsd.org>.

Thankyou very much Christiaan.

Summary of UK FreeBSD services:
        ftp.uk.freebsd.org      ---     Sunsite/Imperial College - London
        ftp2.uk.freebsd.org     ---     Hensa/University of Kent
        ftp3.uk.freebsd.org     ---     Demon Internet
        ftp4.uk.freebsd.org     ---     Netlink Internet Services Ltd

        www.uk.freebsd.org      ---     Pavilion Internet plc

        cvsup.uk.freebsd.org    ---     Pavilion Internet plc

Josef Karthauser
Technical Manager       Email: joe at pavilion.net, joe at uk.freebsd.org
Pavilion Internet plc.  [Tel: +44 1273 607072  Fax: +44 1273 607073]

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