heitml v1.2 now available for FreeBSD

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at time.cdrom.com
Mon Sep 1 04:55:13 PDT 1997

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H.E.I. announces heitml version 1.2 (extended interactive HTML)
for FreeBSD.

heitml (pronounced "Hi"-TML) is an extension of HTML and a
full-featured 4th generation language that enables
Web-based Applications to interact with data stored in SQL
databases, without resorting to complex CGI scripts.

heitml extends HTML on the sever side, dynamically
converting ".hei" files to HTML format and so is
compatible with any web browser.It embraces the familiar,
easy-to-use HTML syntax and provides a large assortment of
pre-developed Tags and Libraries to take care of tasks
that formerly required CGI.

heitml targets both HTML designers and professional
programmers alike.  HTML designers can use heitml Tags to
build dynamic web pages, access SQL databases, or create
complete web applications.  Counters, registration
databases, search forms, email forms, or hierarchical
menues can all be created simply by using the
pre-developed HTML-like Tags found in the many Component

For programmers heitml embeds a complete forth generation
language in HTML (e.g.  <if>, <while>, and <let> Tags),
plus powerful expression evaluation with integer, real,
boolean, string, and tuple data types.  Tuples have
reference semantics as in modern object oriented languages
and are stored on a heap. heitml variables including all
complex data structures stored on the heap maintain their
values between pages using the Session Mode.  It is
possible to define your own tags or environment tags and
even re-define HTML-tags.

heitml makes it possible to
-  develop Web Sites in a structured and modular way,
   drastically reducing maintenance overhead.

- develop intelligent and interactive Web Sites, with
  content that dynamically adapts itself to user needs.

- show the content of SQL databases with no programming
  other than to use our library of prefined "dba" Tags.

-  develop complex database and Catalog Shopping applications
   using Session Variables 

heitml runs on FreeBSD with any Web Server using the CGI
interface, and is especially fast (avoiding the CGI
overhead) within the APACHE (version 1.1.1, 1.1.3, or
1.2) Web Server using the apache API. Currently MSQL
(Version 1 and 2), Postgres 95 (Version 6), and the yard
databases are supported (mysql very soon).  heitml also
works on Linux, BSDi, Solaris and SunOS, as well as
Windows NT with CGI and ISAPI and ODBC and Windows 95.

heitml (on un*x) is free for research, non-commercial and
private usage.  Commercial Web Sites must pay a licensing
fee. The fully operational version of heitml is available
for a trial period downloaded freely. (Note, however, that
each ".hei" Web Page you develop will display a message
identifying it as the version for non-commercial
use. After registration, you will receive a key to switch
off the message without having to re-install the program.)

New features in version 1.2 are
- Component Libraries for Database Search Forms, opening
and closing hierachical menus, and email forms 

- Pretty Printing and debugging support. heitml shows your
source code in color in your browser and marks errors in
an intuitive way. In the case of runtime errors, all
internal data structures are displayed in the browser
marking and preserving the original source code positions.

- Session Mode has been re-designed and enhanced to keep
all variables (including the entire heap) between
pages. This means data of any size can be kept within a
session.  This opens up the opportunity for a wider range
of new applications, e.g. storing complete query results
in session memory.

- Installation instructions, documentation and example
libraries have been significantly improved, a Tutorial has
been added

- Tags to execute shell commands and send emails have been

- Various new server variables and built-in functions have
been added

- In production mode heitml now collects complete
information on errors that occured while people were
accessing your site.

For more info and downloads see http://www.h-e-i.de
or http://www.heitml.com.

Helmut Emmelmann

Helmut Emmelmann            H.E.I. Informationssyteme GmbH
Wimpfenerstrasse 23                     Tel. 49-621-795141
68259 Mannheim Germany                  Fax. 49-621-795161
emmel at h-e-i.de   http://www.heitml.com http://www.h-e-i.de

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