FreeBSD 2.2.5 CDs are now shipping from Walnut Creek CDROM

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at
Sun Nov 9 02:17:54 PST 1997

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The new 4 CD set of FreeBSD 2.2.5 is now in stock and shipping.  The
back-orders have already been processed and subscription customers
should also be receiving their CDs shortly, modulo the usual shipping
and customs delays for the international customers.

More information is available from
so I won't repeat all that information here except to say that the price
is the same as usual, $39.95 per CD set or $24.95 with a subscription.

[The web site is also a little out of date and should be
 updated by Monday afternoon, so don't be disconcerted by the banner
 saying that it's "shipping soon" - that's outdated info]

This new 4 CD set also contains a lot of extra goodies, such as a complete
unpacked CVS repository, a live filesystem with full sources (for both
FreeBSD and XFree86), extra docs, a snapshot of, you
name it and it's probably there - a full 2.4GB of FreeBSD stuff! :)

Walnut Creek CDROM has also brought back the popular 4 color FreeBSD
T-shirt with Tatsumi Hosokawa's artwork and will soon have it in
stock, though the final price has yet to be determined - it should be
somewhere between $15 - $18.  Just for something totally new, we will
also soon have some rather nice FreeBSD polo shirts sporting an
embroidered daemon on the pocket with the word "FreeBSD" below it.
These shirts are of very high quality and with a price tag to match -
$45.00.  Not cheap, but still a great gift item for that special
FreeBSD someone in your life this Christmas. :)


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