2.2.1-RELEASE will be [re]appearing shortly..

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at time.cdrom.com
Mon Mar 24 19:01:16 PST 1997

Just to explain in advance what's going on for those who are curiously
noting that "2.2-RELEASE" suddenly went away on ftp.freebsd.org and
some of its mirrors.

We found some issues with the 2940 driver and several other areas of
the system which really were on the "cusp" of being fixed, and it
seemed an unnecessary waste to make 2.2R users wait another 4 months
or so for 2.2.5 to come out before getting these fixes when we had
them available less than a week after release time (especially when
many of those fixes had already gone into an "older" release, and there were many emails demanding this, so...

Let it never be said that we're not responsive to customer demands! :-)

A tentative 2.2.1R release did appear on wcarchive for a short time,
as some of you may have also noticed, but it was withdrawn again
before being announced when Justin came up with several additional
fixes for the 2940 which he really wanted to get in.

John Dyson has also noted that some VM system fixes in -current didn't
make it back into 2.2, apparently (it seems it always takes a full
release to find these things out), and he'd like some time to look
into this before I crank that old release machine's handle once again
and hopefully put 2.2-RELEASE to bed for the LAST time for the next
few months.

Since the 2.2R CDROM has not yet been pressed, whatever I finally come
up with in these next few hours WILL be shipped as 2.2-RELEASE on
CDROM.  As it says in the release notes, 2.2.1R is a full replacement
for 2.2.0R and once all this dust settles then everyone should just
pretend that the earlier release never happened. :-)


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