new Adaptec ATM driver available

Jonathan M. Bresler jmb
Fri Mar 21 14:37:51 PST 1997

 The Applied Research Lab (ARL) of Washington University and the ATOMIC-2
 Project at USC/ISI are pleased to announce the availability of a BSD 
 device driver for the Adaptec 590x series of PCI ATM host adaptors (eg 
 Written by Chuck Cranor of Washington University's ARL (chuck at,
 the "MIDWAY" ATM device driver originally supported Efficient Network's
 PCI ATM 155Mbps cards under FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD. Working with 
 Anne Hutton of USC/ISI, Chuck has recently added support for the Adaptec 
 series of 155Mbps PCI ATM cards to the driver.
 The driver is currently in use at Washington University for several
 projects include the MARS video server project, the IP/ATM integration
 project, and the "QoS Guarantees Within Endsystems" project (see for details on these projects). USC/ISI is
 currently using the driver as part of their ATOMIC-2 project
 ( for a PC-based ATM-ATOMIC gateway. 
 The driver is also being used by researchers at Nokia, Sony, and 
 Georgia Tech among other places.
 The driver is fully integrated into the NetBSD and OpenBSD source trees
 and can be obtained from those project's ftp servers.  The FreeBSD
 version of the driver [partly contributed by Kenjiro Cho <kjc at>] 
 can be obtained from
Anne Hutton <hutton at ISI.EDU>

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