CMU Monarch Project implementation of IETF Mobile IP

Jonathan M. Bresler jmb
Sat Mar 1 19:56:27 PST 1997

The Monarch Project at Carnegie Mellon University is proud to announce
the availability of Release 1.0.2 of our implementation of IETF
Mobile IP for IPv4.  This release now directly supports both NetBSD
(version 1.1) and FreeBSD (version 2.2_GAMMA).

Our implementation, since Release 1.0.0, fully conforms to the IETF
standard Mobile IP protocol, as specified in RFC 2002, and includes both
"IP-in-IP" and "minimal" encapsulation support (RFC 2003 and RFC 2004).
The only real change in Release 1.0.2 over our recent Release 1.0.1
version is the addition of support for FreeBSD 2.2_GAMMA; this FreeBSD
support is based on changes submitted by Assar Westerlund of the Swedish
Institute of Computer Science.

This release of the CMU Monarch Project's implementation of IETF
Mobile IPv4 is available from our web page at

and by ftp as a gzip'ed tar file from

The CMU Monarch Project researches issues in mobile and wireless
networking.  Named after the migratory monarch butterfly (or the acronym
"MObile Networking ARCHitecture"), the goal of the CMU Monarch Project
is to enable mobile hosts to communicate with each other and with
stationary or wired hosts, transparently and adaptively making the most
efficient use of the best network connectivity available to the mobile
host at any time.  Our research includes work in areas from protocol
design and implementation to performance measurement and usage-based
evaluation.  For more information on the CMU Monarch Project, visit our
web page at

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