Two new members to join FreeBSD core team.

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at
Wed Jan 15 18:40:23 PST 1997

Please join me in welcoming:

	Jonathan Bresler <jmb at> and
	John Polstra <jdp at>

to the FreeBSD core team!

Both are already well-known to most of us, so little in the way of
introduction is probably necessary:

Jonathan Bresler is currently the FreeBSD Project postmaster and does
occasional PR work for us as well (see mail archives for EUUG/Sweden
presentation).  He works for the Federal Reserve Board in Washington D.C.

John Polstra is the author of CVSup, now one of the most popular ways
of synchronizing with the FreeBSD Project's CVS repository, and the
ELFkit tools, among many other things.  He is an independant
contractor and lives in Seattle, WA.



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