FreeBSD 3.0-970209-SNAP is now available.

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at
Mon Feb 10 18:37:23 PST 1997

On and the various
FreeBSD mirrors.

A SNAPshot was done at this time for various reasons, chief among them

	o John Dyson's 4.4Lite2 changes were coming into -current, and I
	  wanted a last SNAP out before this happened (it could be a couple
	  of weeks before everything works properly in -current again).

	o A fair number of things have changed in sysinstall to fix various
	  bugs and/or shortcomings reported in the previous SNAP.  Some of
	  these fixes, like those made to turn sysinstall into a more
	  effective post-configuration tool, required architectural changes
	  which may have other side-effects and should therefore be tested
	  as vigorously as possible in this SNAP (both for installation and
	  for post-install configuration).

	o I really wanted to.

I've also rearranged the {README,ABOUT}.TXT files to hopefully present
the important information in more cogent form.  Further improvements
in this area are probably called for.

Feedback to current at please (unless it's a clear and obvious
bug, in which case send-pr(1) or should be



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