AFS, ISDN, JAVA: 3 new FreeBSD mailing lists

Jonathan M. Bresler jmb
Thu Dec 4 18:49:20 PST 1997

	Three new mailing lists are now available:


	FreeBSD-AFS: porting AFS to FreeBSD

	FreeBSD-ISDN: this list was previously hosted by
		and has now been moved to

	FreeBSD-Java: porting the JDK and JVM to FreeBSD

	These three lists, and the freebsd-chat mailing list, are also
	the first to introduce our new subscription policy.  When you
	send mail to majordomo at asking to be subscribed to
	one of these lists, you will receive a confirmation request message
	via email.  This confirmation request message contains a
	"magic" string which you must send back to majordomo at
	The "magic" string will look like this:

		auth 23dea87da subscribe freebsd-isdn jmb at

	After you email the "magic" string to majordomo at,
	you will be sent an email message confirming that your new
	subscription has been approved.  This is unfortunately all
	necessary as part of our anti-spam measures, and we regret
	the additional inconvenience.

	NOTE: Please be sure to read the charters before subscribing or
	sending mail to any FreeBSD mailing list for an explanation of which
	topics are relevant for a given list and what types of postings are
	and are not allowed.  They may be found at:

	If you experience any problems using the FreeBSD mailing lists,
	please contact me at postmaster at

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