Announcing MpegTV Plug-in 1.0

Jonathan M. Bresler jmb
Sat Aug 16 19:50:09 PDT 1997

Announcing MpegTV Plug-in 1.0 for Unix

MpegTV Plug-in 1.0 is a streaming-capable Netscape
Plug-in that allows you to play MPEG movie embedded
inside HTML documents.

Unlike other similar Netscape Plug-ins (e.g.
the Movieplayer Plug-in on SGI), MpegTV
Plug-in is capable of streaming from the
network, i.e. you can play a remote MPEG
stream immediately, without having to wait for
the MPEG file to be downloaded on your hard disk.

MpegTV Plug-in 1.0 is currently available for:

- Solaris 2.5 SPARC
- IRIX 6.2
- Linux x86
- Solaris 2.5 x86 (coming soon)
- BSD/OS 3.0      (coming soon)

Get it now at !

Regards, -- Tristan Savatier (President, MpegTV LLC)


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