Sup services no longer available from freefall.FreeBSD.ORG

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at
Tue Nov 12 05:12:10 PST 1996

freefall.FreeBSD.ORG AKA sup.FreeBSD.ORG is no longer providing sup
services due to load problems.  sup.FreeBSD.ORG now points to (aka sup3.FreeBSD.ORG) and should be ready for service
as such just as soon as the DNS changes propagate.

sup2.FreeBSD.ORG no longer exists, apparently, so now sup, sup2 and
sup3 all point to the same machine (burka) until such time as we get
more sup servers.  Thanks to Dima Ruban for kindly providing what
service we currently have now!

freefall still provides CVSup services as cvsup.FreeBSD.ORG and people
are encouraged to switch.  CVSup is John Polstra's far more efficient
and powerful sup replacement utility, and a far more efficient user of
network bandwidth.  With sup, anytime someone tagged the CVS tree
Walnut Creek CDROM's T1 line would melt down as sup stupidly
transfered *every single file* all over again, and FreeBSD's
increasing popularity has made that situation no longer tolerable.

For more information on CVSup, please see:



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