[Announce] CTM delivery of FreeBSD-2.2 source tree updates

Jonathan M. Bresler jmb
Mon Nov 11 06:39:25 PST 1996

Richard Wackerbarth <rkw at dataplex.net>

Now that the release engineers have split the 2.2 tree away from "-current"
to allow it to get ready for testing and release, I an sure some of you
will want to track that tree in order to participate in alpha and beta

We are pleased to announce that the source updates for this tree are now
available via CTM mailing lists. As with other streams, there are two
feeds. The "slow" feed is intended for those who need to rate limit their
mail. The "fast" feed does not apply the rate limit. In practice, I do not
anticipate that there will be a significant difference because the type of
massive changes that precipitated the need for the rate limits are not
likely to occur within this tree. Both feeds will contain exactly the same
material. There is no need to subscribe to both.

As with all the FreeBSD mailing lists, you should use majordomo at freebsd.org
to enter your subscription.
For normal delivery,   subscribe ctm-src-2_2-fast
For rate-limited delivery,  subscribe ctm-src-2_2

Getting started --

In order to get the "back issues" of the updates,

This includes the 25Meg "starter file" src-2.2.0001.gz.

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