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Sun Jan 28 04:57:48 PST 1996

Hi all,

i've just checked in the vastly revamped worm driver.  The API has
been totally restructured, and the usage does now almost resemble the
other SCSI drivers, with the minor exception that you are required to
tell the driver about your intentions with respect to the CD-R you are
about to burn.  There's a wormcontrol(8) utility (usr.sbin/wormcontrol)
as well for this.

The driver has by now only been tested on a heavily tweaked 2.0.5R
system against a Plasmon RF4100 recorder.  However, note that this
driver is based on some other recent changes in the SCSI code, so you
would have a hard time backporting it to 2.1R.  Usage of -current is

Fitting hooks for other burners should not be too difficult, but you
would best do this only with a certain understanding of the SCSI
command-level protocol, and with a SCSI reference manual for your
drive.  Chances are good that HP or Philips drives could be easily
cloned from the Plasmon part, since they are rather similar.  Other
drives will certainly require more work.

There are still a lot of bugs in it, and i consider the driver still
highly experimental.  Suggestions and discussion about the archi-
tecture are welcome.

cheers, J"org

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