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owner-freebsd-announce owner-freebsd-announce
Sun Jan 14 05:50:29 PST 1996

Friday afternoon (PST), January 12th.  The mail outage continued for
several hours.  Mail sent to the FreeBSD mailing lists did not reach the
lists.  All mail was resent to the lists on Saturday afternoon. 
Sender: owner-freebsd-announce at FreeBSD.ORG
Precedence: bulk

	Majordomo was also affected.  Subscription requests received 
between Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon failed.  Please resend 
your requests to majordomo at FreeBSD.ORG.

	We regret any difficulties that the mail outage may have caused.


Jonathan M. Bresler        FreeBSD Postmaster         jmb at FreeBSD.ORG
play go. ride bike. hack FreeBSD.--ah the good life 
i am moving to a new job.                 PLEASE USE: jmb at FreeBSD.ORG

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