2.2-BETA boot floppy updated on ftp.freebsd.org

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at time.cdrom.com
Wed Dec 25 18:55:06 PST 1996

The new boot.flp image has the following MD5 signature:

MD5 (boot.flp) = 684b4d5be8e0721e67bcab47fec6fbe0

If you have a different MD5 checksum for yours, you may wish to
grab the updated version.

This update fixes:

	o A problem which broke the fixit floppy entirely
	  (kind of embarassing to have a broken emergency repair mechanism :)

	o The erroneous version number of ``2.2-BETA_A''.

Sorry for the initial inconvenience.

Merry Christmas!


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