The mirror has moved.

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at
Wed Dec 18 17:06:30 PST 1996

To, one of the FreeBSD Project's other machines.
The CVS tree on this secondary server is updated once an hour, so lag
should be minimal.  This machine is also now known as,
so if you've been using this value for your supfile's host field then
you shouldn't need to change anything (unless you also have a firewall
specifically configured for freefall's cvsupd, in which case you will
need to change this too). will continue to offer cvsup services to the
general public for a short time during this transition, after which it
will accept only a limited number of cvsup connections from mirrors
and developers.

I should also point out that continues to offer
cvsupd services, and a should be coming online
fairly shortly (watch this space for the announcement).  You may
therefore wish to use one or both of these secondary servers if faced
with overcrowding on the new cvsup server machine.



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