International (Crypto) machine is down :-(

Mark Murray mark at
Sun Apr 21 13:57:11 PDT 1996

Bad news :-(

The international Crypto mirror for FreeBSD has lost a hard drive.

This machine is also the South African mirror for SUP and CVS.

The good folks at CSIR, South Africa are going to replace this on Monday
22nd April, but until then, please expect no response.

We have backups of all source, but will have to bebuild the machine, so
I am not totally sure how long this will take.

An estimate is that it may be up sometime on the evening of Monday 22nd
April (GMT +0200, SAST).

Sorry for the inconvenience! Please spread the word as appropriate.

Mark Murray
46 Harvey Rd, Claremont, Cape Town 7700, South Africa
+27 21 61-3768 GMT+0200
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