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Thu Apr 4 18:15:17 PST 1996

The CDROMs arrived from replication today and are now ready for
shipping!  This is only a limited run, so if you're really keen to get
this CD then I recommend ordering soon - I don't know how long this
batch will last and we probably will NOT be doing a second run.  This
first run is sort of a limited experiment to see how the whole concept
of early-release snapshots on CDs works out.
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The usual ordering details:

Walnut Creek CDROM
4041 Pike Lane, #D
Concord CA 94520

To order by phone: (open 24 hrs)
     1 800 786-9907 (toll-free in the US & Canada) 
     +1 510 674-0783 (international) 

By Fax: 
     +1 510 674-0821 

By secure WEB order form:

By email:
     orders at

The cost of the 2.2-960323-SNAP CD is $29.95 for a single CD or $14.95
for a subscription (which you may cancel at any time).  As you can
see, we're really aiming this more at subscriptions than as one-off
orders since it's the developer community we're trying to reach.  I
expect to be making SNAP CDs approximately every 3 months or when we
hit significant development milestones.

What's on this CDROM (from the release notes):

                                 RELEASE NOTES
                            FreeBSD Release 2.2-SNAP

0. What's New?

The Intel EtherExpress Pro/100B PCI ethernet card is now supported.

The 3COM 3C590 and 3C595 ethernet cards are now supported.

The ARNET (now Digiboard) Sync 570i high-speed serial card is now supported.

The Linux emulation is now good enough to run the Linux version of
Netscape, with JAVA support (as well as a number of other Linux

The Matrox Meteor frame grabber card is better supported.

It is now possible to burn CDROMs using the Plasmon or HP 4080i
CDR drives (see `wormcontrol(1)').

The pipe code has been substantially sped up, as have some components
of the VM system.

A /dev/random device (and associated "pool of entropy") has been added
for applications which require more unpredicatable sequences of random
numbers for security.  See the random(4) man page for more info.

Early NFS v3 support (not enabled by default).

An early implementation of the Device Filesystem (devfs) is available
(see mount_devfs).  Device switch tables are now also dynamically built.

Early IPX routing support.


The CD also contains the CVS repository for -current and -stable
(e.g. you can check out a copy of 2.2-current OR 2.1-STABLE as of
960323 from the same repository) as well as the CTM deltas for


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