Big Net Frame Relay for BSD Unix

dennis dennis at
Tue Sep 26 02:36:53 PDT 1995

Emerging Technologies, Inc. today announces a new release of frame relay
software for BSD/OS and FreeBSD operating systems. The new release
implements a dynamic sub-interface technique that substantially increases
the flexibility of the frame relay subsystem. The new release allows for the
proper modeling of large scale networks with multiple logical networks per
physical line, simplifying multi-homing and multiple default scenarios and
the mixing of point-to-point and multi-point  (meshed) networking  models.
Most importantly, the new sub-interface system provides the necessary
interface for implementing complex routing protocols like BGP4 and OSPF with
GateD on frame relay networks.

On-line information is available at

Emerging Technologies, Inc.
Emerging Technologies, Inc.

Synchronous Communications Cards and Routers For
Discriminating Tastes. 56k to T1 and beyond. Frame
Relay, PPP, HDLC, and X.25

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