** Spang! ** 951026-SNAP updated.

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at time.cdrom.com
Mon Oct 30 12:46:12 PST 1995

This is just a short announcement to note that I've just overlayed the
most recent snapshot distribution, 951026-SNAP, with a new release
from today.  Mirrors should "refresh" themselves accordingly in the
next day or so.

This is NOT A NEW SNAPSHOT.  This simply corrects a couple of annoying
bugs that were preventing people from making full use of the snapshot
in certain situations.  This will not require new testing and previous
snapshot folk need not worry - if they've already managed to install
from the SNAP then they probably didn't suffer from the problems that
I just fixed anyway!  :-)

Bugs fixed:

	o Atapi boot floppy now assumes it's alone by itself on the second
	  IDE controller - this seems to work a lot better for most folks
	  who were provided with dedicated controllers when they purchased
	  their IDE CDROMS.  People with IDE disks on multiple IDE
	  controllers should NOT use this floppy image.  Stick with boot.flp
	  and build a custom kernel or something.

	o The apache WEB server installation makes fewer assumptions about
	  where you'll be putting things.

	o Installing the secure dist no longer requires that you also
	  install Kerberos in order to get things like telnet to work.

	o Boot floppy should now support the Adaptec 2940 ULTRA (this was
	  a side-effect more than a bug fix).

Still to fix:

	o sysinstall seems to croak in certain situations if you run it
	  after the system is installed.

	o The FTP retry code still isn't 100% there - apparently it
	  now doesn't handle reselection very well.  Sigh.  I'm so truly
	  sick of looking at that part of the code that if somebody else
	  wanted to have a look, I wouldn't fight them off! :-)  It seems
	  like every time I fix one thing, I break something else.

	o The media selection screen protects itself from re-entry in some
	  situations when you'd really like it to be allowed.  Whoops!

	o Using more than one FreeBSD "slice" can cause problems.

Thanks for all the feedback so far.  It's been invaluable!


P.S. Sorry for bending the rules just a bit and overlaying a previous
snapshot without bumping the date, but it was easier this way for what
were just a few fairly low-overhead fixes.

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