Come and get it! 2.1.0-951026-SNAP is released!

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at
Fri Oct 27 11:24:04 PDT 1995

I know I said that the previous snapshot would be the last one before
2.1, but the best laid plans and all that..

This snapshot incorporates 6 days worth of some of the most frenetic
development I can remember in recent history.  MANY MANY problems were
fixed, some additional features were added and extensive updates to
the documentation were made.  Forget what I said about the last
snapshot being the release candidate - THIS is the release candidate!

Some of the fixes from this snapshot include:

 o All /etc/sysconfig information now written correctly.

 o WEB server option now works properly.

 o The package installation menu now works.

 o All the auto-installation instrumentation (installation by config file)
   now works.  It's possible to install everything from start to finish
   on a new system in a fully-automated fashion (if you install a lot
   of systems, this is a big help).

o You may now read the HTML Handbook and FAQ documents directly from the
  boot floppy after installation (as well as visit any other WEB site).

o Failure to create a /usr is no longer an error, just a warning.

o The matcd driver was shrunk down some more, *possibly* resulting
  in a return to 4MB operation (please test this).

o The latest ATAPI CDROM changes were merged in and another atapi.flp
  boot image generated.  Again, please test.

And many many other things, far too numerous to mention.

I'm very grateful to all of those who took time out from their busy
schedules to install and comment on the last snapshot.  If I can
prevail on all of you to do so just one more time, the final 2.1
release will surely be the better for it.

Things are actually solid enough at this stage that I don't expect the
actual 2.1 release to be functionally much different than this
snapshot.  The commercial and experimental distributions still need to
be updated (this snapshot references the 2.0.5 ones) and now that I'm
basically finished with just trying to make all of this work, I'll be
attending to this over the next couple of days (apologies to all of
our friends in the commercial software community who have been waiting
patiently for me to get back to them).

Installation feedback, as always, to me please..

Also, if you find something that looks to be more "generally" wrong
(e.g. not a simple side-effect of the installation itself) then I'm
not actually the best person to send it to - please address all such
comments to the stable at mailing list, where they may
receive wider feedback (I'm on this mailing list too, so if something
looks like it's mine I'll field it).

Thank you!


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