New record for installation floppy update! :-)

Nate Williams nate at
Sat Oct 21 14:08:48 PDT 1995

Nate Williams writes:
> Jordan K. Hubbard writes:
> > The install floppies for 2.1.0-951020-SNAP were just updated to fix
> > some problems I just noticed with the Options editor and to make FTP
> > timeout handling work properly (the latter has been broken since
> > 2.0.5, but I just noticed it now after having an install time out).
> Umm, forgive me for sounding naive, but where's the emergency
> holographic shell I need to startup up my SLIP connection?  I can't find
> the shell anywhere during the install, and I *like* it. :(

OK, I setup my machine on the net to accept PPP connections, but
unfortunately I can't get the PPP on VTY 3 to do anything.  Anything I
type on VTY3 just echo's back at me but doesn't do anything.  Help,
term, return, all do nothing.  What am I doing wrong?  I even read the
install docs, but unfortunately they don't explain what I'm seeing right


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