Media Vision ProMovieStudio Capture Card Driver Announcement

Mark Tinguely tinguely at
Tue Oct 10 09:09:22 PDT 1995

	Announcing the Media Vision ProMovie Studio Video Capture Driver.

 The ProMovieStudio is an older capture card for ISA bus computers. The 
 ProMovieStudio is no longer being sold, but it is a very popular card.

 The mvpms driver delivers video frames in YUV (default) and 16 bit RGB

 The mvpms driver is mostly for use with the MBONE conferencing tool "nv",
 though using it to capture still photos is still possible. nv's frame
 speed varied from 1 fps in 320x240 to 7 fps at 160x120 on a 16 MHz 386,
 to 10 fps in 320x240 to 20 fps at 160x120 on a 90 MHz Pentium computer.

 The mvpms driver kit can be found at:

   Warning: I was unable to get good looking colors from the ProMovieStudio
   card that I borrowed to write this driver. You may be able to tweak the
   chromance and hue to get better colors than I did. I chose to use the
   card in monochrome mode to increase the speed MBONE tool "nv".

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