2.1.0-951005-SNAP Now available.

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at time.cdrom.com
Thu Oct 5 03:33:20 PDT 1995

Come and get it!

This should fix all currently open problems with the last snap.  If
you had complaints about general functionality or style (e.g.
verbosity levels and such), please test this release to ensure that
such items have been closed to your satisfaction.

This also introduces a new floppy image: atapi.flp.  This is a boot
floppy with IDE CDROM support, and those of you with IDE CDROM drives
are encouraged to test it!

The fixit floppy isn't 100% yet (in particular, I'm aware that spwd.db
is still pointing into space) but it should now be quite usable for
fixing a variety of system problems.

Yes, that's an `upgrade' option you see in the top menu now.  That's
not in this snapshot, but will be in the next (a few days).

Feedback, as usual, to David and I, please.  Thanks!


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