Accelerated-X OpenGL Beta/2 Available.

Jeremy Chatfield jdc at
Mon Oct 2 15:13:06 PDT 1995

Accelerated-X OpenGL 1.0 Beta/2 is now available for users of FreeBSD
2.0 and 2.1 .

This incorporates some bug fixes in the Server extension, justifying
the Beta/2 designation, and adds development libraries (shared and
static) for FreeBSD 2.x systems with local OpenGL clients.

Send email to 'info at' for an outline of all mailserver
files, or send email to 'mailserver at' with the subject
"opengl.txt" or "freebsd.txt" to receive some summary information
about the OpenGL Beta program or Accelerated-X on FreeBSD systems.

Cheers, JeremyC.
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